Tom began his career as an editor and copywriter 16 years ago in London. He learned his trade writing for professional services firms – producing everything from brochures to websites and ghost-written articles – before spending two years in Tokyo where he continued writing for companies including Benesse and Toshiba.

Since arriving in Berlin in 2008, he has worked as a freelance writer and project manager for numerous agencies and companies, including Sodexo, Time Out, KAEFER Isolier Technik, WeWork, and Hello Fresh. The majority of his corporate work concerns internal communications (including crisis communications, speeches, strategic documents, training manuals, grant applications) and is confidential. A selection of publicly available work is shown below.

The Arts and Artists

Before starting his career as a copywriter, Tom worked for an auction house. Before that, he graduated from Glasgow University with a first class Master’s Degree in Art History. Working with artists, galleries, musicians and festival organisers has remained a passion ever since.

As a novelist, he understands the pressures and priorities of creative work. As a copywriter, he knows how to present this work to its best advantage, in clear and engaging prose, across a range of formats including websites, exhibition texts, press releases and full-length monographs.

Tom is such a gifted writer. So able to walk right into my mind.

Gerald Chukwuma


reproduced with the permission of the artist

reproduced with the permission of the artist

reproduced with the permission of the artists